NUNM Faculty – Your Time is Now!

There has never been a better time to be a part of NUNM’s teaching faculty. NUNM has dedicated more resources than ever before toward supporting faculty in teaching excellence and advancing on the academic career path.

Meet the NUNM Center for Teaching and Learning: a hub for faculty to find inspiration, information and resources to excel at teaching and advance your teaching career.

The Center for Teaching and Learning will help you:

  • Find new meaning and inspiration in your teaching career
  • Reduce time spent preparing for classes
  • Design class activities that engage and inspire your students
  • Develop effective assessments
  • Improve your chances for promotion
  • Support your quest to publish or speak publicly about your work
  • Have a lasting and meaningful impact on your students

Get Started Today – Faculty Seminars, Teaching Certificate Programs and Mentor Videos

NUNM’s on-campus Faculty Seminar Series and Educator Certificate Programs are entirely devoted to supporting faculty in developing their classroom and clinical teaching skills, from helping students develop critical thinking skills to designing active learning strategies in the classroom. The Faculty Seminar Series and Teaching Certificate Programs are entirely free and available to all NUNM Faculty.

As a faculty member at NUNM, we know you have a full and busy schedule. 20-minute Online Mentor Videos available on demand from anywhere in the world, including the comfort of your own home. Mentor Videos are published by the Faculty Focus organization which is dedicated to training faculty in best practices and current trends in higher education. Mentor Videos have been curated specifically for NUNM faculty, based on faculty interest and requests.